Apple Recognizes Flaw in iPhone 12 and Offers Free Repair | Cell phone

According to Apple, the problem is due to a failure in a component of the sound receiver module. The company says that the affected phones were manufactured between October 2020 and 2021, and that only a “very small percentage” of phones have the problem. The iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max are unaffected and do not participate in the recall.

In addition to taking the devices to an official store or an authorized technical assistance, users can also contact the manufacturer’s support through the website ( to schedule the service via the post office.

Apple says iPhones will be screened before service is performed to confirm they are eligible for the recall program, regardless of the user’s chosen repair location. The company also recommends that consumers back up their iPhone to iCloud or computer before sending the phone in for repair.

The manufacturer also says that if smartphones have any other problem that hinders the speaker repair, such as a cracked screen, for example, the user must resolve this issue before the recall — the cost of this service, specifically, will be of the consumer.

In addition, Apple may restrict or limit repair to the original country or region in which the user purchased the mobile phone. The company also makes it clear that this recall does not extend the standard warranty on these models.