Arana values ​​Olympics and moment at Atlético-MG to return to the National Team: “Tite is watching” | Brazilian Team

The Brazilian team is meeting in São Paulo to dispute the next three games of the South American Qualifiers. The group has news and some returns, as is the case of full-back Guilherme Arana, from Atlético-MG. In a mixed virtual zone this Monday, the player highlighted the campaigns in Galo and in the Olympic team to return to Tite’s group.

– I’ve been doing a great season. Last year I also played big games and got called up in one of the games. Atlético have that share of confidence in my work. When we’re okay, Tite is always watching. I hope to maintain regularity and stay in the squad. The first objective was to be called up for the Olympic team. Everything worked out – said the player.

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Guilherme Arana in a virtual mixed zone of the Brazilian team — Photo: Reproduction / CBF TV

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Leader of the Qualifiers with 100% success after six rounds, Brazil will face Chile, on Thursday, in Santiago. Afterwards, he plays two games at home: against Argentina, on Sunday, at Neo Química Arena, and against Peru, on the 9th, at Arena Pernambuco. Guilherme Arana also highlighted the opportunity to meet up with former Corinthians teammates, such as Malcolm and Claudinho, who were also together in the Olympic conquest in Tokyo.

– It is a dream of all players since childhood to represent their country. In my case it was no different. I’ve always worked hard for this goal. I’m happy to be here together with my companions I grew up with, like Malcolm and Claudinho. We are very happy and, God willing, let’s take this opportunity.

– We know the players, the way they like to play. And also happy to be reunited. I spoke with Claudinho. We were in Tokyo for a long time and I miss the review and training – concluded the full-back.

Guilherme Arana, from Atlético-MG, in the Seleção — Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

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tactical role in selection

– I still haven’t had the opportunity to talk to Professor Tite. One of my main features is the offensive part, but my role is also to defend. I’m here to adapt to his style of play. I already had the opportunity to work with him when I started professionally. So the adaptation will be quick. I hope to seize the opportunity.

Fight for vacancy with Renan Lodi

– Renan Lodi is an excellent player, but everyone wants to have their space. I want mine and he wants his too. That we can make great games and it’s up to Professor Tite.

– Player needs sequel and confidence. I come from game after game for my club. It makes me more confident. When the player has a straight he feels better and the performance is better.

Ten called up of Brazilian football

– Brazilian football is gaining more and more quality. All the players who are here deserve it, they are playing a lot for their clubs. I’m happy to be here together with the other players who play in Brazil.

Athletic Companions in the National Team

– Happy for both of you. Everson is the first time in the Selection. He’s coming from a great season as well and is doing very well at Atlético. The Hulk is old at home, he also has nothing to say. He is scoring many goals and being a differential at Atlético-MG. This opportunity for him is very valid. He is a companion who tells us many stories in concentration.

– Nowadays you have to do different functions. Last year I learned to play with a new role, with Sampaoli, which was more from the inside. He wasn’t used to playing more in the center, always more on the outside. But regardless of where I play, I will try to adapt quickly to maintain my level.

– It’s always been my forte to get ahead. When I went up to the professional I already stood out in the base in this way. But I try to keep the balance in the offensive and defensive parts.

– We have the fans in our favor is important. I still haven’t had the opportunity to have a public defending my country. Soon this Covid will pass and the presence of the public will be more constant.