Arsenal moves ahead and frustrates Corinthians over Willian’s announcement

The announcement of Willian’s hiring was brought forward by two days due to Arsenal’s oversight and, therefore, Corinthians improvised a live on Instagram. Although the news that the player was already agreed with the Parque São Jorge club was published over the weekend, Alvinegro had plans to make the signing official only during the celebrations of his 111th birthday, next Wednesday ( 1).

Earlier in the evening here in Brazil, Arsenal published a note to their fans about the termination of Willian’s contract. At first, Corinthians hoped that the London club would not provide further information on the matter and would allow the hiring announcement to be made only when the athlete was in Brazil.

The Gunners, however, in addition to publishing the Brazilian’s new destination, also marked Corinthians on social networks. With their hands tied by the English, Alvinegro ran out of time and improvised the announcement of the signing, considered by many within the club as the most impactful in the last decade.

At first, without any kind of notice to fans, Corinthians started a live on Instagram with Willian signing his pre-contract on a split screen with President Duilio Monteiro Alves. Almost immediately, the club ended the connection, but the screenshots were shared by fans in the messaging apps.

Only after that did Corinthians inform the public that the board had an announcement to be made. Simultaneously, more than 112,000 fans followed the rapid dialogue between President Duilio and Willian. The accesses were so many that the connection became unstable, the participants dropped out and an embarrassing situation was created.

During the video, Iranian Kia Joorabchian (Willian’s manager) appeared on the screen and joked with the Corinthians president saying that he would present him with a better quality cell phone.