Barbara Evans bursts into tears after receiving a shocking biopsy result: “God wanted it that way”

Barbara Evans
Barbara Evans is in tears after receiving a biopsy result (Image: Reproduction – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

Barbara Evans is closer than ever to fulfilling her dream of becoming a mother. In an outburst published on Instagram, the actress announced to fans that her uterus is in the process of being prepared for the implantation of two embryos.

Tearfully, Monique Evans’ daughter explained that two seven embryos she sent for biopsy, only three were classified as healthy.

“It will start with crying. You can see I was already crying. The biopsy result came out. From seven embryos, we had three healthy. We needed four, the doctor recommended that we do two more cycles in a row of egg capture, now”, started.

“I don’t have the emotional structure to do another two months in a row. I talked to my husband and if God wanted it that way, then we want it too”, he continued.

The winner of the sixth edition of the reality show The farm he also said that he chose to leave one of the embryos frozen so that he can use it later, if he needs to:

“Let’s go ahead, put these two embryos and let’s leave one frozen. Let’s pray a lot and cheer a lot. I’m sure God is preparing the best for us”.

“If it doesn’t work out – I know that we always have to think positively, but we have to be aware of what may happen – then, if none of the two embryos, of the two that we are going to put, do not work, we will go through a new capture”, he said.

“We are preparing my uterus, my endometrium is beautiful, everything is perfect and going well. So, let’s go ahead”, completed the businessman’s wife Gustavo Theodoro.

Recently, the blonde opened the game in conversation with her followers and talked about the anxiety generated by the treatment she is undergoing to get pregnant:

“I always said here that I was very calm, but we are going through a moment now when I get very anxious, I get very nervous, cry a lot, I’m taking a different hormone. I told myself ‘don’t judge yourself’ because it’s been a complicated phase”.

“I’m fuller, but there are a lot of people texting me saying I’m prettier. I’ve always liked being very skinny, it’s no use, but it’s a delicate moment, a moment of decision so I’m not controlling myself too much. I’m accepting myself, as I’ve always accepted myself”, ended.


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