Barbara Evans cries when talking about fertilization and doesn’t rule out adoption – Entertainment

Barbara Evans cried when talking about her IVF process. That’s because there were only three healthy embryos left out of the seven she initially had and the expectation was that there would be at least four left.

“It will start with crying. You can see that I was already crying. The biopsy result came out. From seven embryos, we had three, three healthy. We wanted four, we needed four,” she said, already moved.

She said that the doctor guided her husband, Gustavo Theodoro, and she to capture more eggs, but they chose to follow the process with the embryos they already have. “The doctor recommended doing two more egg capture cycles, in a row now. But I don’t have… I don’t have the emotional structure to do two more months now, in a row. So I talked to my husband and, if God wanted this one way, we want it too,” he said.

According to her, only two embryos will be used now and the third will remain frozen. “In case it doesn’t work out… I know that we always have to think on the positive side, but we have to be aware of what may happen. So if none of the embryos do not work, the two that we are going to put, the we’re going to go through a new fundraising. It was our option, the doctor spoke her opinion, but when we said that we already wanted to put it, and didn’t want to do more fundraising, she agreed and supported it. And that’s the most beautiful thing her,” he completed.

Later, the model was asked by her followers if she was thinking of adopting if the fertilization process did not work out. “My dream is to generate a life inside me, so I’m going to the end [com a fertilização]… But if I can’t, I don’t rule out the possibility, no. I’m even super in favor,” she explained.