Barbara Evans receives cancer biopsy results. Video

Barbara Evans took two consecutive biopsies to confirm embryo health

Barbara explained that the disposal of unhealthy embryos did not happen all at once. Of the 12 initials that she and her husband, businessman Gustavo Theodoro, had, seven passed the first test. In the second, however, only three remained, which shook the couple.

In Instagram stories, the model answered internet users’ doubts. She went on to detail that she intends to implant two of the healthy embryos – more than that is prohibited – and freeze the third. Later, if the attempt does not materialize with a positive result, it will make more captures and restart the process.

Weight gain no longer shakes Barbara Evans

Also in questions from internet users on social networks, a follower wanted to know about Barbara’s weight gain, who has already confirmed that she had gained more than 14 kg with the treatment. The model was quite direct: “this is too small next to the dream”, she evaluated, although she recently admitted that she prefers her own slimmer body.

Monique Evans defended her daughter from criticism about the biopsy

Amid reports about the treatment, some netizens criticized Barbara for submitting the embryos to cancer biopsy. The test was necessary because both she and her husband have a history of cancer, so they wanted to prevent their children from carrying the gene.

Internet users evaluated that the biopsy would actually be unnecessary, as the possibility of developing the disease does not guarantee, properly, the illness. Monique Evans came to her daughter’s defense and said that if you can avoid even that, why not do it? According to her, if it were possible, all mothers would choose that their children were totally healthy.