Barcelona sells Emerson Royal to Tottenham, and Galo makes money; know more

The team from Minas Gerais will receive around R$900,000 through the solidarity mechanism, as revealed by the athlete

Right-back Emerson Royal, 22, passed the exams made at Tottenham this Tuesday (31) and closed a deal with the English club, from Barcelona. The information is from journalist André Hernan, from the ge website.

The English will pay 30 million euros (about R$ 182 million) for the acquisition of the player. The athlete will sign for five seasons.

The full-back had a contract with Barcelona until June 2024. He made just three games for the Catalan club. On loan, Emerson played just over two seasons for Betis, making 79 appearances, with five goals and ten assists.

Money for Athletic

He played for Atlético between 2018 and 2019. Galo sold the player for 12 million euros (R$ 50 million at the time). According to Galo’s sales contract, if the full-back played 30 games for Barcelona, ​​the Brazilian club would be entitled to receive another 1 million euros (BRL 6 million)

As it did not play the number of 30 games for Barça, Rooster will not be entitled to the corresponding millions and will have to be content with the value as the athlete’s trainer club, which corresponds to a smaller amount, of around 0.5% of the total of the sale – something around R$900 thousand.

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