Bill of R$ 200 makes a year with only 17.7% of banknotes in circulation – News

The full BRL 200 bill one year of its launch on Thursday (2) and, in those 12 months, it ended up not becoming popular like the other notes. And one of the reasons is the fact that the Central Bank is storing a good part of the new banknotes. Of the R$ 450 million units ordered, only 79.5 million were put into circulation – equivalent to 17.7%.

The remaining 370.4 million notes – 82.3% of the total R$ 200 banknotes produced, remain stored at the Central Bank.

The production cost of the notes was R$113.8 million. At the launch of the service last year, the bank justified the investment by claiming that the increased demand for cash, due to the granting of emergency aid and the practice of saving money at home – which was adopted by the population in the pandemic – there could be a lack of ballots.

Although most notes have not entered into circulation, the Central Bank states that the “rate of use of the 200 reais banknote has been evolving” in line with expectations and that the note should continue to be issued over the next few years.


The new R$200 bill bears the image of the maned wolf. The predominant colors of the bill are gray and sepia and the format is the same as the R$ 20 bill (14.2cm x 6.5cm).

The banknotes contain security features to prevent forgeries which are explained in a website created by the Central Bank. Some of them are watermark, hidden number and security thread.