Bolsonaro’s Minister plays Pink Floyd on the accordion live on TV and receives reviews online

The Minister of Tourism, Gilson Machado, showed his musical performance live this Monday (30) when he played an international rock on the accordion during a live interview on Rede TV’s “Opinião no Ar” program. The song chosen by him was the famous ‘Another Brick In The Wall’, by the band Pink Floyd.

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In a relaxed tone, before starting to play the song, the minister joked: “Once I went to play at the house of a very rich farmer, but bad payment. Then when the show ended […] he said: ‘I only pay if I play a song in English.’ Then I said: ‘Well, no’.”

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Watch the minister’s video:

Encerrada a programação, o vídeo foi parar no Twitter da emissora e repercutiu entre internautas que criticaram o chefe da pasta, ao mencionar que um dos integrantes, Roger Waters, tem posicionamento oposto ao governo Bolsonaro:

“If the @rogerwaters watching this will sue the guy,” replied one of the netizens.

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