Boninho breaks Globo’s rule and releases spoiler involving Luciano Huck’s surprise

Boninho surprises and reveals the Show dos Famosos judges (Image: Publicity / João Cotta – Globo)

cute used his Instagram profile to reveal a detail involving the start of recordings for Show of the Famous, who now has the command of Luciano Huck. The director, who is part of the attraction’s jury, revealed other names from the bench.

“I’m at home, coming back from São Paulo. I don’t know if I can tell… I was talking [com Ana Furtado, sua esposa] that who went there was Xuxa, a grace, in the ‘Show’. I was with Xuxa and Preta [Gil]”, stated the director of Globo.

Boninho also highlighted the eternal “Queen of the Little Ones”: “She was beautiful, a grace to judge. I am a mala to judge. Preta was also a maximum”.

Last week, Globo had hammered out the cast of the Show dos Famosos, success of Domingão do Faustão in three seasons and the flagship of Luciano Huck’s debut on the new Sunday of the Rio channel scheduled for September 5th.

The production of the new Domingão closed with Gloria Groove, Wanessa Camargo, Mariana Rios, Margareth Menezes, Diego Hypolito, Robson Nunes, Thiago Aracan, Vitor Kley and Fiuk.

The new season of Show dos Famousos was one of the attractions of the extinct Domingão last year, but the coronavirus pandemic made its production unfeasible.

With Faustão, the picture totaled 90 minutes, including VTs about the honoree, presentations and notes. In the new phase, with Luciano Huck in the presentation, there will only be 40 minutes of art.

In March of last year, it is worth remembering, when Fausto Silva announced the new season of the Show dos Famosos, Alexandre Pires, Barbara Fialho, Cleo Pires, Diogo Vilela, Margareth Menezes, Lexa, Thiago Arancam and Victor Kley were on the team chosen by Globo. Pires, Fialho, Cleo, Vilela and Lexa left. They left the competition because of the schedule.

Since then, the audience has received a bucket of cold water with the postponement of the program and the sudden departure of Faustão from the air.

Luiz Fabio Almeida

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