Brazil at the Paralympics (30/31): Carol Santiago in double dose and cycling are the highlights | paralympics

Brazil remains among the first placed in the Paralympics medal table, largely due to two reasons: the improvement of women’s sports and the increase in the range of sports that win medals. And these two facts will be put to the test on this seventh day of competitions: Maria Carolina Santiago, leader of the world ranking of the 100m freestyle in the S12 category, seeks the title in this test, in addition to being the main name of the Brazilian relay. And Lauro Chaman tries for the medal in the time trial of the C5 road cycling, which would be the ninth sport in the country to go to the podium in Tokyo.

+ Brazil can add another 30 medals in the last week of the Paralympics

Carol Santiago has two good medal chances on day seven — Photo: Alex Davidson/Getty Images

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Yeltsin Jacques and guide athlete Carlos Antônio dos Santos on their finish to gold in the 5000m T11 at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics — Photo: Wander Roberto /CPB

After winning the title in the 5000m, Yeltsin Jacques tries for the gold medal in the 1500m dash in the T11 category, for the visually impaired. He is one of the favorites in the competition. Brazil still has great chances with Raissa Machado in the T56 javelin throw and Daniel Martins in the 400m dash T20.

Yeltsin Jacques wins his 1500 T11 men's semifinal heat and advances to the final

Yeltsin Jacques wins his 1500 T11 men’s semifinal heat and advances to the final

Playoffs/finals (SporTV 2)
9:30 pm – Men’s Long Jump T47 Final – Gustavo Abraham
9:34 pm – Release of the female album F11 Final – Izabela Campos
9:38 pm – Men’s 1500m T11 Final – Yeltsin Jacques
9:49 pm – 1500m male T13- Final
10:12 pm – T56 female javelin throw – Final – Raissa Machado
22:18 – Men’s 200m sprint T51 Final
10:26 pm – F34 Women’s Final Shot Put
22:30 – Women’s 100m qualifiers T13- Rayane da Silva
22:53 – Men’s F36 Final Shot Put
11:20 pm Men’s 400m sprint T36- Final
23:36 – 400m female T12 – Final
23:46 – 1500m male T54Final
12:09 am – 100m sprint female T47- Qualifiers – Fernanda Yara

Playoffs and finals (SporTV 2)
7 am – Women’s Long Jump T38 – Final
7:05 am – Men’s F20 Final Shot Put
7:11 am – 400m sprints T20 Final – Daniel Martins
7:19 am – F31 shot put – Final
7:25 am – Men’s High Jump T63- Flavio Reitz
7:31 am – 400m dash T38 – Final
7:52 am – 200m female T64 Final
8:02 am – 100m sprint female T11 Final
8:10 am – 100m sprint female T13 Final
8:18 am – 100m sprint female T47 Final
8:38 am – 400m sprint female T20 Final
8:56 am – 1500m female – T54 Final
9:17 am- qualifiers 400m T12- Fabrício Ferreira

Carol Santiago celebrates gold in Tokyo — Photo: Alex Davidson/Getty Images

Brazil’s main hope for a medal on this seventh day of swimming in the Paralympics is Maria Carolina Santiago, who has already won gold and bronze in Tokyo, and is seeking the title in the 100m freestyle, in which she is the main favorite. It still falls into the water for the mixed 4x100m relay, in which Brazil is one of the candidates for the podium.

Maria Carolina Santiago sets a Paralympic record and takes the gold in the 50m freestyle S13 - Tokyo Paralympics

Maria Carolina Santiago sets a Paralympic record and takes the gold in the 50m freestyle S13 – Tokyo Paralympics

Playoffs (SporTV 2)
21:07 – Men’s 400m freestyle S8 – Caio Amorim
21:20- 100m freestyle women S12- Lucilene Souza and Carol Santiago
9:28 pm- 200m medley SM14- João Pedro Oliveira and Gabriel Bandeira
9:36 pm- 200m female medley SM14- Beatriz Borges, Ana Karolina and Debora Borges
21:52 – 50m chest SB2 – Bruno Becker
22:07 – 50m chest SB 3 Female – Patrícia Pereira
22:26 – Women’s 100m freestyle S6 – Laila Abate
22:33 – 100m male butterfly S10 – Phelipe Rodrigues
22:36- 100m freestyle women S9- Maria Ribeiro and Cecilia Jeronimo

Finals (SporTV 2)
5h – Men’s 400m freestyle S8 Final (If Caio Amorim qualifies)
5:10 am – 400m freestyle women’s S8 Final
5:21 am – Men’s 100m freestyle S12 Final
5:27 am – Women’s 100m freestyle S12 Final (If Lucilene Souza and Carol Santiago qualify)
5:34 am – 200m Men’s Medley SM14 Final (Case of João Pedro Oliveira and Gabriel Bandeira)
5:42 am – 200m female medley SM14Final (If Beatriz Borges, Ana Karolina and Debora Borges qualify)
6:04 am – 50m men’s chest SB2 Final (If Bruno Becker qualifies)
6:12 am – 50m female breaststroke SB3 Final (If Patrícia Pereira qualifies)
6:19 – Men’s 50m freestyle S7 Final
6:40 am – Women’s 100m freestyle S6 Final (If Laila Abate qualifies)
6:46 am – 100m male butterfly S10 final (If Phelipe Rodrigues qualifies)
7:07 am – 100m female butterfly S10 Final
7:14 am – Women’s 100m freestyle S9- Final (If Maria Ribeiro and Cecilia Jeronimo qualify)
7:34 am – 4x100m mixed freestyle – 49 points (Direct end, with Brazil)

10:45 pm- Maciel Santos X Liu Han (Hong Kong)
23:55 – Evelyn Oliveira vs. Scott McCowan (GBR)
1:20 am -Eliseu Santos X Yuansan Zheng (CHN)
4h- José Carlos de Oliveira vs. Daniel Perez (HOL)

Lauro Chaman is two-time world champion in Road Paracycling in Portugal — Photo: SWpix/Divulgação

After competing in the cycling races at the velodrome, Lauro Chaman participates in his specialty, which are road cycling competitions. He competes in the time trial, in which he is one of the favorites on the podium.

8:15 am – Women’s time trial – C5 – Ana Raquel Montenegro
8:40 am- Men’s time trial C1- Carlos Alberto Soares
10:35 am- Women’s time trial H1-H3- Jady Malavazzi
13H47- Men’s time trial test C5- Lauro Chaman
2:07 pm- Men’s time trial C4- André Luiz Grizante

Brazil beats Japan and guarantees itself in the semifinals of the 5-a-side football in Tokyo — Photo: Takuma Matsushita/ CPB

After two victories in two matches, the 5-a-side football team closes the qualifying phase against France. The team is already classified for the semifinals, but it is also playing to maintain its historic invincibility: the national team has never lost a game in the Paralympics, they have won four gold medals in 2004/08/12/16.

11:30 am – Brazil X France (SporTV 2) – Third round

Best moments Brazil 4 x 0 Japan in 5-a-side football at Tokyo Paralympics

Best moments Brazil 4 x 0 Japan in 5-a-side football at Tokyo Paralympics

7:30 am- Brazil X – Men’s Quarter Finals (SporTV 2)

2h – Brazil X Germany – male – 1st phase

Bruna Alexandre won the silver medal in the individual — Photo: Rogério Capela/CPB

After the individual disputes, in which Brazil won two medals, team competitions begin.

11:30 am – Brazil X Japan (Classes 6 and 7) – male – round of 16
11:30 am – Brazil X Australia (Classes 9 and 10) – male – round of 16
1h – Brazil X Russian Committee (Classes 6 to 8) – Women – Quarter finals
4:30 am – Brazil X Korea (classes 1 to 3) – Women – Quarter finals