Brazilian pawn killed in the US returned to rodeos after 8 months out

The Brazilian rider Amadeu Campos Silva, who died at age 22 after an accident while riding a bull in the United States, had returned to riding the animal this August, after 8 months away from rodeos.

The boy, who lived in Sunset, Texas, began his career in foreign lands in 2017, while sharing his love for riding on his social networks. On social networks, he shared his return to training a few months ago and celebrated the performance in dispute at the beginning of the month, after the resumption of the largest public events in the region.

In his statements, he always expressed how much he was supported by the whole family to continue riding, a passion he shared with his father, Flávio, who publicly commemorated his son’s achievements.

“It was the happiest day of my life, to see my young son winning runner-up in the National Rodeo League. A lot of emotion for a father, knowing how difficult it was for him to ride there. (…) I’m his fan number 1, my son. You only make me proud. I love you, may God bless you always, amen,” wrote the father in 2019, in one of the many posts celebrating his son’s success.

Amadeu died this weekend after suffering an accident during a championship in Fresno, California.

Away from rodeos for almost the entire year of 2021, he occupied the 89th position in the world ranking, positioning himself as one of the 100 best pedestrians in the world, and had already raised US$ 42 thousand in prizes, about R$ 217 thousand, still who had not held championship titles recognized by the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) bull riding league in the past four years.

Amadeu had its best performance precisely in the year 2020, when it reached seven times among the top 10 classified in a total of 34 events.

Despite dedicating a large part of his profile to riding, during his career break, Amadeu started to share some of his hobbies on social media.

Among them was shooting practice and sport hunting, with the pedestrian even sharing a photo beside an animal that he had shot down during practice, with a stylized weapon. In addition, the boy shared his homesickness for Brazil with his virtual friends, visiting Brazilian steakhouses in the United States and playing football at a local club, Cowboys FC.

The pawn still killed his homesickness with sporadic visits, having fun in country music shows. In 2019, he recorded videos having fun with the sound of the duo Jorge and Matheus, at a party held inside a rodeo. And I also liked pagoda with friends.

Brazilian music was also his choice during his car trips, with songs by Jads & Jadson, Maiara & Maraisa and Diego & Arnaldo on the radio. But on the other hand, Amadeu did not fail to take advantage of the changes he was living in the United States, showing moments of fun in the snow during the local winter.

Friends and family mourned death

Maurício Moreira, 25th in the world ranking of PBR, lamented the death of Amadeu sharing a video with several images of the boy.

“Rest in peace, my friend. You’re in a better place, Jesus rest you. Thank you for having stories by your side, warrior, they’re the ones that are left to tell”, wrote the pawn, son of the multi-champion in rodeos Redner Moreira.

Amadeu’s sister shared a message on social media, also highlighting images of her brother during the mount in her honor. “I love you, my little star. What a pain, my skinny one. I have always been and will always be your number 1 fan”, declared Livia Campos.

Amadeu’s death was reported at dawn today on the Brazilian page of the PBR.

“It is with regret that we inform the death of Amadeu Campos Silva at the Regional Community Center of Fresno, California, where he was transported after a serious accident while riding on the PBR Velocity Tour stage,” the statement said.

Amadeu was described as one of the biggest promises of the Brazilian rodeo scene. A resident of Altair (SP), he went to the United States after competing in the Brazilian PRB stages in 2017 and 2018, following his dream of being world champion.