Brazilian team aims for new record and may set foot in Qatar Cup in triple round | Brazilian Team

If they win Chile, in a duel this Thursday, in Santiago, Brazil will reach seven consecutive victories, a streak never before achieved in a qualifying start.

To date, the best start for the team was in 1969, when the “Beasts of Saldanha” won all six duels played – the competition had another format, in groups. Tite’s team equaled that mark, but could overtake the game in the Chilean capital.

But, although they value the conquered brands, the focus of Tite, coaching staff and players is on securing a place in the Cup soon. And history shows that this could be close.

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Tite coach, with his handouts, in training for the National Team — Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF

Since the qualifiers started to be played on a running points system, with everyone against everyone, the highest “cutoff score” to qualify for a Worlds without a recap was 30 points – number reached by Paraguay, before the 2002 World Cup.

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The Seleção has 18 points and will reach 27 if it wins the three duels this month – in addition to Chile, Brazil takes Argentina and Peru. Thus, it will be very close to stamping the passport to Qatar.

See below the score of the quarters placed in the heats in the running points system:

  • 2018: Colombia – 27 points
  • 2014: Ecuador – 25 points (Brazil did not compete, as it is host)
  • 2010: Argentina – 28 points
  • 2006: Paraguay – 28 points
  • 2002: Paraguay – 30 points
  • 1998: Chile – 25 points (Brazil did not compete, being the last champion)

Tite and his team avoid doing math, nor do they work with a “magic number” to guarantee a spot, but they know that early classification can bring benefits, such as the opportunity to make observations and test alternatives for the team in the final rounds of the competition.

After this September window, there will be nine more Qualifiers games left. In 2021, Brazil must still make at least six more friendlies before the World Cup in Qatar.