Brazilians who are revolutionizing nanomaterials and physics

Imagine looking at a particle of one millionth of a millimeter. This is the measurement of one nanometer, and it is on this scale of approximation that researchers are looking to find answers capable of changing the understanding we have today of physics and chemistry. Science has discovered that nanoparticles and the nanomaterials formed from them may have many “superpowers” worthy of revolutionizing the future of humanity.

Is there a material capable of brutally reducing the size of a chip to the point where it travels through our arteries? That detects a degenerative disease in the retina of the eyes? Allowing trains to levitate on the frictionless tracks? make the cement unbreakable and flame retardant paints? What takes energy out of the air? That kills tooth decay without drill? What about a sustainable cell phone battery that lasts for years?

For all these questions, there is already some Brazilian advance being made that proves so. Find out below 12 researchers and their contributions to this very important moment in our history (be sure to read more about each one by clicking on the link!). they were chosen by Tilt and by the colleagues themselves for their work done.

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