Broadcaster who compared vaccination to Nazism dies of Covid-19

Marc Bernier

A conservative Florida broadcaster, who was openly opposed to the coronavirus vaccine, died of Covid-19 infection after a three-week battle with the disease.

Marc Bernier’s latest tweet, posted on July 30, compared the vaccination and virus mitigation efforts to Nazi Germany.

WNDB Radio – Daytona Beach News – confirmed the news this Saturday (28).

He was 65 years old.

Bernier appeared in a Daytona Beach News-Journal broadcast in December announcing that he would not get the vaccine.

With information from Yahoo News

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Denialist, leader of anti-mask movement in the US dies of covid

Denialist Caleb Wallace, leader of the anti-mask movement in the United States, died of covid-19.

At the age of 30, he died this Saturday (28).

His wife, Jessica Wallace, now runs a virtual campaign to pay his health care costs.

He died after spending nearly a month in hospital with the disease.

Caleb was infected on July 30, reports UOL.

Wife says denialist wanted to “educate and empower citizens”

According to Jessica, he “died in peace”.

Caleb was founder of the group “The San Angelo Freddom Defenders” (San Angelo Freedom Defenders).

The group’s objective, says the girl, is “to educate and empower citizens to make informed choices about local, state and national policy and encourage them to actively participate in their duty to guarantee God-given and constitutionally protected rights.”

Before he died, Caleb organized an anti-mask rally on July 4th, “The Freedom Rally”.

Last year, in December, he claimed that masks were not effective in preventing covid-19.

On July 19 of that year, the denial began to feel symptoms of the disease, but did not get tested.

Soon he began taking aspirin, zinc, vitamin C and ivermectin, all of which were ineffective against the disease.