Cable theft causes delays in train circulation this Monday morning | Rio de Janeiro

This Monday morning (30) was a wait for Supervia passengers because of delays in the circulation of trains at all branches. The problem occurred because of cable theft. Only in the early afternoon, around 1 pm, was the system regularized and trains operated at regular intervals.

All morning, the extension from Belford Roxo had been circulated at an hour’s interval. According to Supervia, cable theft paralyzed the signaling system and the operation had to be done via radio and not automatically.

At the Saracuruna branch, the problem occurred from 6:00 am to 6:30 am. The stretch between Central and Gramacho was delayed by 11 minutes, while the stretch from Gramacho to Saracuruna was delayed by around 23 minutes.

The Japeri extension was delayed, but at 8 am the situation had been normalized. The stretch had delays of 20 minutes between Nova Iguaçu and Japeri, and 10 minutes on the stretch between Central and Nova Iguaçu.

On the Deodoro/Santa Cruz branch the situation was the same. But at 9 am, train circulation was normalized. The stretch between Santa Cruz and Central do Brasil was delayed by 20 minutes.

Passengers face morning inconvenience on the Supervia trains. — Photo: Playback/ TV Globo

What does the dealership say

Supervia said that between August 20 and 25, at least 15 thefts of signal cables were recorded.

The concessionaire informs that it is working to normalize the operation on the branches as soon as possible.

Train circulation is marked by delays in Rio de Janeiro this Monday morning (30). — Photo: Playback/ TV Globo