Caixa Econômica pronounces on in-app problems

Technical instabilities were the reason for the problems in the Caixa Tem app this past weekend. At least that is what Caixa Econômica Federal itself said. According to the bank, this situation has gone through a normalization and everything is as usual in the previous days.

“CAIXA informs that the CAIXA Tem app went through a brief intermittence for some users this Monday morning (30/08), but it is already stable and operating normally”, said the bank through a note to the press. Soon after, they didn’t talk about it anymore.

According to reports on social media, however, the instability continues. According to some internet users, there are even cases where the money would be completely missing from the account. In any case, you can now see that these problems are happening to only a minority of Emergency Relief beneficiaries.

Whenever problems like this happen, they end up hurting especially the informal ones. These workers have no other option but to use the Caixa Tem app or the Internet Banking to use Emergency Aid. They cannot withdraw benefit money yet.

Caixa Econômica Federal is asking workers who have problems with the app to contact the bank. This must be done through the institution’s official means. A simple private message can resolve the whole situation. At least that’s what the agents say.

Cashier Problems

This is not the first time the Caixa Tem application has given problems. In fact, whenever Emergency Assistance undergoes a new release, complaints about the application tend to grow on social networks.

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It is worth remembering, however, that it is not possible to know the size of this problem. So far, Caixa has not informed how many people could have gone through this situation in recent times. What you see are just reports from social networks.

According to information from Caixa Econômica Federal itself, something around 70% of users of Emergency Aid use the application to move the benefit money. At least that’s the information you have officially.

Emergency Assistance

The Federal Government’s Emergency Aid is entering its final stretch. With the completion of the transfers for the fifth cycle, it can be said that there are only two installments of payments for these people.

These last two transfers will take place in September and December. They should serve something around 37 million Brazilians. The values ​​follow the same. These are installments that vary between R$150 and R$375.

Soon after the end of the Emergency Aid, the Federal Government should start the payments of the new Bolsa Família. The program, which will be renamed Auxílio Brasil, should serve around 17 million Brazilians. Planalto, however, is still confirming this information.

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