Calls for the waiting list for Fies 2021/2 have been extended

Calls for the Student Financing Fund waiting list (faithful) 2021/2 were extended until September 17th. Initially, the deadline would close today, August 31st.

Follow the Fies waiting list

Candidates must follow the calls on the Fies website, in their registration login. Those selected will have to complete the information within three working days, on the financing page itself.

After completing the information, pre-selected candidates must contact the Permanent Commission for Supervision and Monitoring (CPSA) to deliver documents for validation.

With the validation carried out by the CPSA, those pre-selected will have up to 10 days (after the 3rd day of validation) to look for the Fies partner bank to sign the contract.

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How was Fies 2021/2?

Fies 2021/2 offered 69,000 places out of the 93,000 for 2021, opportunities spread over 23,320 courses/shifts at 1,324 private higher education institutions.

Candidates who took the National High School Exam were able to participate in the Fies (And either), from 2010, with an average of 450 points in the tests and grade above zero in the essay. In addition, it was necessary to prove a maximum income of 3 minimum wages.

More information at Fies website.