Cenapop · Gaby Spanic joins the Mexican Big Brother and draws attention through shacks

Gaby Spanic became famous in Brazil in the 90s, when the soap opera “The usurper” premiered on SBT. With the arrival of the internet, several memes of the 47-year-old Venezuelan actress gained social media and made her popularity remain here.

With an extensive career in Mexico, the artist accepted to join the “La Casa de Los Famous“, celebrity version of “Big BrotherThe premiere took place on August 24, and right away, Spanic justified his time in the program as an attempt to show the public a face of his not yet known.

According to her, the biggest motivation for joining the reality show came from her 13-year-old son.

“I asked my son and he told me something very important: ‘Go, Mommy, so that people can see you for who you really are, because they’ve already said so many things about you.’ And I said he was absolutely right,” he began she in an interview with the newspaper “The Opinion“, before the debut of the attraction.

This is a reality show that humanizes the famous, because they will see us without filters, our way of being, of behaving. They will see a Gabriela who is the antithesis of what they said about her, without false eyelashes or waking up in a sequined dress.

It didn’t take long, however, for Spanic to star in one of the show’s first fights. In a discussion with the ex-miss Alicia Machado, the actress didn’t like being called “A Spanic”, said as a form of irony for the supposedly superb way in which the artist behaves in the house.

“It seemed a bit disrespectful to me. You said you’re my sister, but I don’t keep talking about you like that,” said the actress during the fight. Alicia even apologized, but Spanic didn’t let it go and continued the discussion for several minutes.

Through social networks, viewers who follow the program began to criticize the actress’s dramatic temperament in socializing with the other participants. “Gaby will leave and it won’t be long; Alicia treated her with respect and she continued to be annoying,” one said on Twitter.

“Gaby made a mistake by accepting to join the show. Now everyone can know what she is like in real life,” commented another. “Gaby Spanic is too dramatic, I have not liked her attitude in the house, especially after Alicia apologized and she continued the fight,” said a third.