China sets 3 hour weekly limit on online gaming for minors

This Monday (30) the China announced that it will be reducing to three hours a week the time that a minor can play online games in the country. The new restrictions only allow them to play on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 8pm and 9pm. During school holidays players will be able to play 1 hour every day of the week.

The rules arrive to prevent them (underages) from becoming “addicted” to online games. The country has also contacted game developers so they can help impose restrictions, and among the measures is the registration of official documents and even facial recognition.

It’s not the first time China has imposed restrictions on online gaming. Before the new measure, minors could only play 1.5 hours during the week and 3 hours on holidays. The limitation also prevented them from playing between 10pm and 8am.

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THE tencent, owner or majority partner of companies such as Epic Games, Blizzard, Activision, Garena, Riot, among others, has already limited time for some of their games, and even uses facial recognition to block minors. It is worth noting that the initial restrictions are for online gaming only.

Hands holding a cell phone with Wild Rift game to illustrate story from China
Minors can only play online games for 3 hours a week. (Image: SlashGear)