City Hall announces application of dose…

The Divinópolis City Hall, through the Municipal Health Department (Semusa) announces the application of a booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, as of September 15, and establishes criteria for this to happen.

According to the Technical Note received from the Ministry of Health, the booster of the Covid-19 vaccine will be applied to elderly people over 70 years of age, provided that this elderly person has already taken the second dose, or single dose, for at least six months, regardless of the immunizing agent applied.

A booster dose will also be given to people with a high degree of immunosuppression/severe primary immunodeficiency such as those undergoing chemotherapy sessions for cancer; solid organ or hematopoietic stem cell (HSCT) transplant patients using immunosuppressive drugs; people living with HIV/AIDS with CD4 <200 cells/mm3; people who use steroids at doses ≥20 mg/day of prednisone, or equivalent, for ≥14 days; who use immune response-modifying drugs; hemodialysis patients; patients with chronic inflammatory immune-mediated diseases (rheumatic, auto-inflammatory, inflammatory bowel disease).

For individuals with a high degree of immunosuppression, the interval for the booster dose should be 28 days after the last dose of the basic regimen. The vaccine to be used for the additional dose should preferably be from the messenger RNA platform (Pfizer/Wyeth) or, alternatively, the viral vector vaccine (Janssen or Astrazeneca).

The Divinópolis City Hall clarifies to everyone that the register can only be opened after the State makes official the sending of booster doses to serve these audiences.

The Ministry of Health note also highlights that “with the advance of vaccination in other age groups, depending on the evolution of the epidemic in the country, as well as the emergence of new scientific evidence, the administration of additional doses for other groups may be considered” .