Clone returns in Worth Seeing Again

Ana Maria Braga was responsible for unraveling the mystery about Ti Ti Ti’s replacement (2010) in the coming weeks. In Mais Você this Tuesday (31), she announced that O Clone (2001) will be rerun 20 years after its original airing. “Get ready, because as of October 4th, your afternoons at Globo will gain an attraction that I’m sure will be a delight to see again,” she began.

“I’d love to know. If you haven’t watched this soap opera, you’ll love it. If you’re going to make a ‘remember’, even better. Clone will be back at Vale a Pena Ver Again 20 years after the original screening,” added Ana Maria Braga .

This will be the second screening of The Clone at Worth Seeing Again. In 2011, it was repeated in 175 chapters, compared to the original 221. The plot had been gaining favoritism in recent weeks, according to on the small screen. The certainty is that Globo would bet on a “medallion” in the afternoons.

The network’s objective was to bet on a well-established history with a high level of public acceptance, including emotional memory. Clone re-releases in the afternoons of Vale a Pena Ver Again on October 4th.

The Clone’s return


The soap opera by Glória Perez was shown between 2019 and 2020 on Canal Viva. The story of Lucas (Murilo Benício) and Jade (Giovanna Antonelli) has as a backdrop the evolution of science and the conservatism of religion, placing the work of cloning and the traditions of Muslim culture on opposite sides.

Jade was the first protagonist of Antonelli, who had just gained prominence due to her role in Ties de Família the year before. At the time, many people questioned whether the actress who was still linked with her Capitu, a prostitute in Maneco’s soap opera, would look good in a short time.

Even so, Glória chose her and she was a success along with the rest of the plot, which also featured Murilo Benício playing three roles, including that of a clone. With the controversial theme, the production fell in the mouth of the people and popularized dances and catchphrases.