Concrete criticizes Brusque’s position in the case of racism against Celsinho: “It reflects the country’s thinking” | Hawaii

Defender Betão, from Avaí, spoke about the case of racism against the player Celsinho, from Londrina, in the match against Brusque, at Augusto Bauer, and criticized the note released by the club from Santa Catarina last Sunday night (watch the video above).

In the statement, the Quadricolor board says that the athlete made a “false imputation of crime” by informing that he was a victim of racism by a director of the Santa Catarina club in the game between the teams on Saturday. Through social networks, Betão lamented what had happened and asked for awareness.

– What caught my attention the most was the note, saying that the athlete in question is always involved in cases of this type, putting the player as the cause of all this. Let’s think: if the athlete is black and suffers racial injury, if it is common in our country, it is obvious that he will always be involved.

– This note reflects the thinking of our country, the idea that prejudice does not exist, it is ‘mimimi’, something we invent. But the truth is that only those who suffer will understand, and we do suffer from racial prejudice in Brazil. As long as there is no severe punishment, understanding that it is a sociocultural issue, this will continue – said the defender.

Concrete sympathizes with Celsinho — Photo: Leandro Boeira / Avaí FC

The comment of a person connected to Brusque – the game had closed gates for fans – was registered in the summary by the referee Fábio Augusto Santos Sá Junior. According to the text, a member of the Quadricolor staff told Celsinho: “Go cut that hair, you bee curl”.

Despite the record in the summary, Brusque’s note denies any act of racism and says that the player “is known to be involved in this type of episode”. The Quadricolor board also informs that it will take appropriate measures against the midfielder of Londrina.

After the 0-0 draw at the Augusto Bauer stadium, Celsinho told the Premiere that he was a victim of racism. He informed that he will take legal action.

– I don’t know if he’s part of the technical committee, the board, a man in red in the box. I also don’t understand why there are so many people in a protocol that the games are not released to fans. It’s unfortunate. A team of medium-low size recently promoted to the Brazilian Serie B to be committing such an act is inadmissible, but measures will be taken – said Celsinho.

Celsinho Brusque x Londrina Série B — Photo: Beno Küster Nunes/AGIF

Saturday’s game was the third in which Celsinho was the target of racism in Serie B this year. Against Goiás, on July 17, a narrator and a commentator from Rádio Bandeirantes Goiânia used terms such as “heavy hair”, “bean flag” and “a filthy business” to comment on the midfielder’s hair. The duo apologized on social media and was removed from the network.

Less than a week later, against Remo, narrator Cláudio Guimarães, from Rádio Clube do Pará, stated that Celsinho “goes with his hair like a termite nest to hit the ball.” Guimarães was removed by the network and also apologized for the comment.

After the first two cases, Londrina players, in support of Celsinho, knelt in anti-racist protest before the match against Confiança, on 20 July.

Londrina players protest against racism before the match against Confiança

Londrina players protest against racism before the match against Confiança