Covid-19: Son of Erasmo Carlos talks about the singer’s health

Credit: YouTube Reproduction

Erasmo Carlos (Credit: YouTube Reproduction)

The singer Erasmus Carlos, 80, who last week contracted the new coronavirus, is showing improvement in his health. For the column Fábia Oliveira, from the newspaper O Dia, Leonardo Esteves, the artist’s son, informed that his father will soon return to the stage.

“The picture is as expected. At the doctor’s request and as a precaution, my father has been hospitalized since day (29), in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, to control all the evolution, which is great so far. Erasmão will soon be on stage”, said the heir of Tremendão.

Last Thursday afternoon (26), Erasmus posted a video on Instagram to inform him that he tested positive for Covid-19. “Hey guys. Even though I maintained all the care, including being vaccinated twice, I tested positive for covid-19. I’m already on the third day of confinement as ordered by my doctors and I ask everyone to cheer. It goes by quickly”, he said at the time.

It is noteworthy that he was immunized with two doses of the vaccine. According to specialists, immunization does not close the body 100%, but it does reduce the chances of evolution to a serious condition that could lead to death, with this, it is very important to vaccinate everyone.

Watch the video by Erasmo Carlos:

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