Covid hospitalization in Porto Alegre’s ICUs is the biggest of the month

At the same time that Porto Alegre reached the goal of being able to vaccinate its entire adult population against Covid-19, ahead of schedule, at the end of August with a yellow light: the number of patients with coronaviruses in ICU beds was the highest of the month this Monday afternoon, 189. The general occupation of the sector in the 18 hospitals monitored by the Municipal Health Department (SMS) does not reach a critical level, with 74.8%.

According to data from SMS, the drop in ICU occupancy, which had been going on since previous weeks, lasted until mid-August. Then it went back up and stabilized at a higher level. On the first day of the month, 185 people diagnosed with Covid were receiving intensive care. That total reached 154 in two days, 7th and 15th of August. Only after that, it didn’t fall anymore. It rose until August 23, when there were 185 Covid patients in the ICU, stabilized over the past week, and this Monday it grew to 189.

“I don’t see it with concern”, evaluated the Health Secretary of Porto Alegre, Mauro Sparta. He signaled that the numbers may not fully reflect Monday’s scenario, as the weekend update usually still takes a few days to be regularized in the municipal monitoring system.

According to Sparta, almost half of the patients treated by the hospital network come from cities in the interior of the state: “About 42% of Covid-19 beds are outside Porto Alegre”, he pointed out. The profile of patients in ICUs remains that of elderly people with comorbidities, said the secretary.

Despite the increase, the situation is better than two months ago, when there were 320 hospitalized with Covid in the ICU and even three months ago, when this number was close to 400. On the worst day – March 25 – according to data from SMS, 870 with Covid-19 were in the Capital’s ICUs.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, at least 5,489 residents of Porto Alegre have died after infection with the coronavirus.

More than 90% of adults received the first dose in Porto Alegre

According to the Municipality of Porto Alegre, almost 93% of the capital’s adult population has already received a dose of the vaccine against Covid, while 56.5% completed the vaccination cycle. Since last week, all adults, as well as adolescents with comorbidities, can be immunized against the coronavirus.

Still no confirmed date, the vaccination of young people aged 12 to 17 without comorbidities is expected to start in September. This group is made up of about 108,000 people, according to the Health Secretary, Mauro Sparta. However, 4,000 of them have already been immobilized for being integrated into other priority groups, leaving 104,000 young people still unprotected against Covid-19. For this age group, only the Pfizer vaccine has been released by Anvisa.

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