Dandara Mariana vents after missing the ‘Super Dance of the Famous’

Actress Dandara Mariana commented on the final of ‘Super Dance of the Famous’ on the web

The actress Dandar Mariana (33) made some posts on her social networks commenting on her great participation in Super Dance of the Famous.

With the victory of Paolla Oliveira (39) in the Globo attraction that ended last weekend, the artist vented when talking about the competition full of stars and stars of the small screen.

“Dancing: a girl’s dream. Thank you so much to everyone who was with me vibrating, cheering and moving. Everything always with body and soul. Dance is for everyone! Regardless of age, physical type, disabilities… Dancing is feeling and letting go “, wrote the famous one on Instagram.

Dandara also made a point of thanking her teacher and the audience that helped her reach the grand final of Super Dance. “My great partners were you @diegomaia_oficial and this incredible audience,
that with joy motivated me in each presentation, being the necessary fuel for the artist’s hope to see his art recognized. Thank you so much!!!”, f

Check out one of Dandara Mariana’s posts about the Super Dance of the Famous!

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