Day D? Anderlecht has the last date to try to sign Rafael Navarro, from Botafogo

The international transfer window closes in most European countries on Tuesday. Belgium is one of the countries on this list. In other words, this is the last day Anderlecht has if they want to hire Rafael Navarro, of Botafogo, still in the short term.

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The player, who has a contract with Alvinegro only until December, attracts interest from the Belgians. The parties, however, enter the last day of the window without Botafogo having received any kind of official proposal. All contacts made by the Europeans have been, so far, with the athlete’s businessmen.

The window officially closes at the end of the day – so, if Anderlecht wants to speed up the pace to have Rafael Navarro for the next few weeks, the deal must go out by 18:59 (GMT), when the day in Belgium is ending.

At the same time, Botafogo maintains contacts to try to renew the player, but internally, club officials consider the conversations difficult. Last week, Alvinegro made a new salary proposal to try to renew the 99 shirt’s contract, still no answer.

Without receiving anything official, Botafogo maintains a position that it will stay with Rafael Navarro, initially, until the end of the Serie B of Brasileirão and, meanwhile, keep conversations in search of an agreement for renewal.

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The Belgian club has a few hours to send a proposal to Alvinegro and needs to count on the club accepting quickly so that, if necessary, the player’s documentation can be entered. It must be regularized until the end of the window to be able to enter the field.

Rafael Navarro is the player with the highest number of direct participations in goals in the Serie B of Brasileirão. The 99 shirt has six goals and seven assists, totaling 13 involvements – Jean Carlos, from Náutico, shares the position.