Demand for credit in the country rises 9% in July and has a 3rd increase in a row, shows index

The search for financing in the country grew 9% in July compared to June, being the third consecutive month of growth. This is what the Neurotech Index of Demand for Credit (INDC) portrays, which measures monthly the number of requests in retail, banks and services. In comparison with the seventh month of 2020, the INDC rose 7%.

According to the indicator, the interest of Brazilians in obtaining financing for consumption in July this year was 34% higher than what had been registered at the end of December 2020. The increase was led by the increase in demand for credit from banks and financial institutions. (46%), in addition to retail (34%). The services category registered a lower increase of 7% in the period.

In addition, in 12 months, the data for the seventh month of 2021 was 14% higher than that registered in the same period until July last year, “which demonstrates that the concerns caused by the worst moment of the health crisis were overcome”, cites the note. In this interval, the services segment increased 116%, the retail registered an increase of 67% and that of banks had a 2% decline.

For Neurotech’s Director of Products and Customer Success, Breno Costa, in addition to a natural movement linked to seasonal factors such as the proximity to Father’s Day, the performance of the index in July also indicates a moment of reflection by consumers in relation to return to “normality”.

As the Executive, the advance of vaccination against covid-19 and the fall in negative numbers for the coronavirus are providing greater security for a return to old habits of consumption. “On the other hand, macroeconomic issues such as the unemployment rate and rising inflation are delaying the arrival of a wave of optimism that leads to an even more accentuated acceleration in the pace of growth in the demand for credit”, he says.