Denial singer who refused vaccine dies of Covid-19 at 40 years old

Marcus Birks died of Covid-19 at age 40

A Covid-19 denier, who thought he couldn’t get sick because he exercised five times a week, died of the virus.

Musician Marcus Birks was under intensive care after testing positive for the coronavirus.

The 40-year-old patient said he was “shocked” that he looked so bad, despite his healthy lifestyle.

He stated that he regretted having been “a little ignorant” about vaccines and having “delayed” in taking the immunizing agent.

Birks died at Royal Stoke University Hospital on Friday (27).

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A conservative Florida broadcaster, who was openly opposed to the coronavirus vaccine, died of Covid-19 infection after a three-week battle with the disease.

Marc Bernier’s latest tweet, posted on July 30, compared the vaccination and virus mitigation efforts to Nazi Germany.

WNDB Radio – Daytona Beach News – confirmed the news this Saturday (28).

He was 65 years old.

Bernier appeared in a Daytona Beach News-Journal broadcast in December announcing that he would not get the vaccine.

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