Dieese: Commerce registers an 87% increase in dismissals due to death in the 1st semester

O Brazilian trade had 57,862 dismissals due to death among workers with a formal contract, from January to June 2021. The number represents an 87% increase in dismissals due to death recorded in the same period last year. The most impactful balance was among sellers in the wholesale trade.

The increase was 204% compared to 2020. The data were released by the Inter-union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (Dieese).

In the comparison by states, the only one that did not register an increase in this type of dismissal was Amapá, which presented a decline of 17%. Paraná, on the other hand, was the state that had the highest record of increase in dismissals due to death in the country, with an increase of 175% compared to the same period last year.

The month in which there was the greatest number of contracts terminated as a result of the worker’s death was in April this year, with 11,963 dismissals. More than double that registered in April 2020. In trade, in the comparison between the first half of this year and the same period last year, Dieese recorded that the shutdowns occurred for this cause increased 99% in wholesale and 92% in retail.

Breakdown by occupation

The highest number of dismissals due to death computed in 2021 occurred among retail salespeople. There were 1,601 — an increase of 117% over the same period last year. Then come the cashiers, with 565 recorded dismissals (107% more than 2021), followed by truck drivers, with 541 shutdowns (variation of 121%).

The occupation that counted the least with dismissals due to deaths was receptionist (42), followed by cafeteria attendants (64) and sales promoters (90). In all occupations, there was an increase in contract terminations due to the death of workers.

Possible impacts of the pandemic

Despite not specifying the causes of deaths, the pandemic may have had a significant impact on the number of shutdowns due to deaths. The months of January and February 2021 had more records of dismissals than the months of January and February of last year, the pre-pandemic period.

While in January 2020 there were 4,599 terminations due to death, in January this year there were 6,503. In February last year there were 4,085 dismissals and in February 2021 there were 5,851 records.