Documents arrive, and São Paulo is very close to announcing the hiring of Calleri | São Paulo

São Paulo is getting closer and closer to announcing the hiring of center forward Jonathan Calleri. Deportivo Maldonado’s documentation arrived at the club early this Monday night. All that remains is now to register the transfer in FIFA.

The regularization has until 23:59 this Monday to be done. It is the deadline for Brazilian clubs to register players who come from abroad.

Calleri has already signed the agreement with São Paulo. The bond on loan will be valid until the end of 2022. Tricolor has the option to purchase the economic rights of the Argentine striker.

The fans of São Paulo have lived since Sunday the expectation for the confirmation of the hiring of Calleri. Late this Monday afternoon, football director Carlos Belmonte published that he was still at the Barra Funda CT waiting for the end of the transaction.

“Today ends only with ink on paper,” Belmonte wrote.

In addition to Calleri, São Paulo wants to announce the Uruguayan defensive midfielder Gabriel Neves. Nacional, from Uruguay, has already confirmed the transfer on loan to Tricolor. He is already in Brazil and has undergone medical examinations.

Calleri in action for Spain’s Osasuna — Photo: Getty Images

Calleri should only arrive in Brazil next Thursday to undergo medical exams and already meet his new club mates.

Jonathan Calleri was an old dream of São Paulo. Since spending six months at the club in 2016, the striker was missed and his name was aired in every transfer window. In 31 matches, he has scored 16 goals.

Last month, São Paulo made a move to hire the Argentine, but the amounts requested by Deportivo Maldonado, which holds the economic rights, made the transaction unfeasible.

Calleri’s representatives wanted the player to be traded with a club in Europe. However, no proposal seduced and, with the window closed, they went back to looking for São Paulo.

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