Double Fine no money to add more languages ​​to Psychonauts 2 •

He says the biggest argument he’s ever written and more locations requires money he doesn’t have.

Since the release of Psychonauts 2, Microsoft’s studio Double Fine has been receiving numerous requests to localize the game’s subtitles and text into more languages, especially important for players with difficulty understanding English.

In response to some of these requests, James Spafford has given a response that is leaving the community in skepticism as he claims that Double Fine doesn’t have the time or money for it, despite the desire to do so.

Spaford says they are looking into that possibility and would love to do so, but since the Psychonauts 2 screenplay is the longest the company has ever written, “to add even one language would be a lot of work and a lot of extra money that we currently don’t have. “

Furthermore, he adds that it would in no way be possible to add more support for more languages ​​at launch and that if they did, they would be happy to do so.

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Double Fine’s response has given a lot of talk and brought even more attention to the situation.

While some understand that the budget originally stipulated wasn’t able to cover support for more languages, others are amazed to see such a response from a Microsoft studio.

Given this, requests for Phil Spencer to intervene have already started to multiply.