Dressing room at parties and speeches by Arthur Elias mark the backstage of Corinthians’ victory; Look

On Monday night, Corinthians released the video that shows the backstage of Alvinegra’s 3-1 victory over Ferroviária, last Sunday, in the first leg of the semifinal of the Brazilian Women’s Championship.

Before the delegation left for Fonte Luminosa, coach Arthur Elias gathered the athletes to give the last instructions about the duel and, mainly, to show the players the dimension of the achievements achieved by the team. – see the full video below.

We are at a great time to make football history. It’s not just anyone who lives. Today, we have the chance to take an important step towards the fifth final followed by the Brazilian Nationals. We may soon be a team that everyone looks at and says it is the greatest women’s football team in the history of Brazil. It’s not just anything. Wearing this shirt has to be a pleasure for you“, said the coach.

During the warm-up, it was Edson Júnior, goalkeeper coach, and Marcelo Rossetti, physical coach, to motivate the squad before the decision.

“You are ready for this, to continue building this history, to continue making Corinthians the most winning team in Brazil. Take on that responsibility, because it comes with the joy of wearing this shirt, the honor and pleasure of being a part of it.“, said Edson.

“Joy of being part of this wonderful group. Another semifinal, we can make history again. Be whoever is from the beginning, who has arrived in the middle or who has arrived now. Semifinals we have to do more than in the previous phase. If we did well in the quarterfinals, today it needs to be one more step, in terms of concentration, rush, quality. You need to take a leap,” added Marcelo.

After the warm-up, the Corinthians returned to the locker room and made the final preparations to take the field for real. The physical trainer Karla Loureiro highlighted the atmosphere of friendship and the quality of the team.

Before we get here, we hear a lot about what Corinthians is, but when we’re here, we feel it. And today, this is Corinthians. What mass energy from start to finish. Blood in your eyes and quality up there. It doesn’t matter, no matter what, this is Corinthians. Today is ours, from start to finish, until the last second“said Karla.

On the field, Vic Albuquerque, Érika and Gabi Zanotti scored Timão’s goals, with shirt 10 being a painting. She took a corner kick and made her bike to the opponent’s goal. Yasmin cashed for the Railway.

That joy is the best thing to see. You deserve it, not just for today’s game. Football for women is very difficult. You struggled to be in a better place, you achieved personal and collective goals. This is the tastiest and most deserved. Union with joy. This is the way for us to achieve our goal. The game was difficult and intense, but you know how to play all kinds of games and today that was proven”, concluded Arthur Elias.

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below

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