Drogba celebrates William at Corinthians… and irritates Chelsea fans

The Ivorian echoed the Brazilian’s departure from Arsenal and his return to Brazilian football

Willian is a Corinthians player. The news was made official this Monday (30), first by Arsenal, the club where the Brazilian spent the last season, and then by Timão himself. Optimism about what the attacking midfielder can do in the team led by Sylvinho cheered the crowd. But the comment of another character who has already stirred the Corinthians’ expectations also drew attention: Didier Drogba.

The Ivorian ace, now a former player, came to negotiate with Corinthians at the end of his career, but after an extensive soap opera he didn’t hit with Alvinegro, which in turn published the “no hit” on its official page, thanking the Ivorian for the conversations. This event generated revolt in the Corinthians fans and provoked provocations in a mocking tone by rivals. Even so, Drogba appears, years later, to reverberate, through his social networks, the arrival of Willian at Corinthians. But not without a tinge of controversy.

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“Go home,” wrote the Ivorian, in an effusive message accompanied by the emoji of a blue heart. The message brings different interpretations: at first, it gives the impression of a comment about Willian’s return to Corinthians, the club that revealed it, but also opens up a request for a return to Chelsea, the club of which Drogba is an idol and where the Brazilian attacking midfielder also made history before arriving at Arsenal – where he played only one season.

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Among the responses to Drogba’s tweet, there were even those who would not have liked to see the Chelsea idol sharing an image of a player wearing the shirt of London rival Arsenal of the Blues.

There were also Chelsea fans themselves, understanding the message as a request for Willian to return to Stamford Bridge, explaining that Willian’s phase with the London blue jersey is already over.

And there were also Corinthians fans, happy to say that, without a doubt, Willian’s home is Corinthians.