Due to instability, Rio postpones the requirement of proof of vaccine for cinemas and gyms to the 15th | Rio de Janeiro

“By virtue of the instability of ConnectSUS for the withdrawal of vaccination certificates, the City Hall of Rio postpones until September 15 the beginning of the verification of the vaccination status for entry into closed establishments”, he said in a statement.

“During this period, between the 1st and 14th of September, a series of educational actions will be carried out with the regulated sector, and this charge can be initiated by each sector that you already feel prepared and want to encourage vaccination”, amended the city hall.

The Municipal Health Department explained, last Friday (27), that this receipt could be the digital vaccination card from ConnectSUS, the physical booklet or one letterhead of the Municipal Health Department.

However, the Ministry of Health itself admitted instabilities in the system — sometimes the information takes time to load, sometimes the vaccines do not even appear.

ConnectSUS app — Photo: Eduardo Pierre/G1

Those who only took the first dose and are waiting for the second application would also need to show that their turn has not yet come – the city has presented a calendar with deadlines for vaccination (see below).

What are the places of collective use?

  • gyms, swimming pools, training and fitness centers and social clubs;
  • Olympic villages, stadiums and sports halls;
  • movie theaters, theaters, concert halls, game rooms, circuses, children’s recreation and skating rinks;
  • entertainment activities, except when expressly prohibited;
  • places of visitation tourist, museums, art galleries and exhibitions, aquarium, amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, presentations and drive-in;
  • conferences, conventions and trade fairs.

The decree states that each establishment must carry out the entrance control., as long as it does not generate agglomeration.

Bars, restaurants, malls and stores were not included in the decree and they are free to enter — as long as they respect the rules of social distancing already in force.

How to download ConnectSUS?

The app is available on both Android and iOS systems. You must have an account on the gov.br portal, which gives access to different federal government services.

Once connected, just click on Vaccines in the field quick action; then, Digital Vaccination Card. If you prefer, print the document.

The city government had also conditioned the performance of any elective surgery and payment of the Carioca Family Card to verify the vaccination status.

The city also prepared a calendar with deadlines for taking the second dose. The schedule was calculated observing the maximum interval of three months between the two applications.

An example: a 65-year-old from Rio de Janeiro has until September 15 to take the second dose. A 30-year-old from Rio de Janeiro needs to be revaccinated by November 15th.

After these dates, it will no longer be possible to give the excuse that your turn has not yet come.

Inspection of the dates of the second dose in Rio de Janeiro — Photo: Reproduction