Eliana talks about Xuxa and Angelica’s “competition” and reveals details of their friendship

Xuxa, Angelica and Eliana
Xuxa Meneghel, Angelica and Eliana (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

In the past, many people believed that there was an enmity between the presenters eliana, Xuxa Meneghel and Angelica. They have denied this on several occasions and revealed that they have a great friendship, including a flashy group on a social network. In an interview given to the newspaper Extra, Eliana decided to talk about it and gave her opinion on the reason for people’s interest in the relationship between the three blondes.

It must be because we have been competitors in the past.. But today we are friends who come together in an unpretentious way to have a good laugh,” said the contractor of SBT. “Our friendship means professional and personal growth. Today, more than ever, we know that if women support each other, they will be stronger”, she commented.

Finally, she spoke about the admiration they feel for each other. “I believe that from this thought came the idea of ​​meetings that became more and more fun, revealing and light. After so many years of just admiring each other’s professional side, now, closer, we learn to admire the women we have become”, concluded the communicator.


Weeks ago, Eliana used her official account on a social network to talk about an important subject. She shared a series of photos she found in her cell phone gallery, all of them showing her body. In the caption, the famous woman talked about acceptance, citing how the process of dealing with your own body and the use of a filter is.

I found this selfie taken last month when I was in Paraty, a natural paradise in Rio de Janeiro. I had just taken a dip in the sea and it was early. I spent all my days there, beside my family, in the middle of nature, with my feet on the ground, a bikini and zero makeup. I decided to post this photo because it reveals me the way I am. And how I like to live the most. No big productions, free, light and natural. Ahh, and lightly dressed. I’m practical”, he commented.

She ended her text saying that, even though she is a very vain woman and who likes to make up and produce herself, she prefers her natural version. “I like to dress up, produce myself, post the looks of the day, play with the various women that I am, use the filters that make my skin look like porcelain. But we all know that nobody is like that all the time. And this is the best version of me, whole, imperfect and truly me”, concluded.

Thiago Freitas

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