Eliana turns 12 running her show on SBT

Eliana has established herself as a presenter, she was the former children’s presenter who best managed to make the transition from children to adults. Since it appeared on TV in 1991, running a show, it has never gone off the air, unlike its competitors in the past. Xuxa and Angelica who are out of open TV.

He is currently deputy audience leader on Sundays and has become the bane of Rodrigo Faro, who is looking for the vice-leadership, but it has not been easy for the ex-Dominó, who has been in third place in audience for months.

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we hear the sensitive Bianca Godói to know Eliana’s future on TV and what she revealed was surprising: ”Eliana will be fired from SBT and will go to Globo, she will not leave on her own, I see it will be a dismissal”, said the seer.

Recently, news emerged that Globo would be interested in the SBT presenter’s pass, beating the sensitive’s prophecies. This Monday (30), completes 12 years with the Eliana Program on air, it is currently one of the biggest audiences of the SBT and a billing success.

Debuted on the channel of Silvio Santos in 1991 when she was invited by the owner of SBT, as she was previously part of the group Banana Split, the group was frequently on communicator programs until she sympathized with the blonde and was invited to present a children’s attraction on the channel. more air, until in 1998 he left SBT and went to Record TV, there he commanded several attractions, among them Eliana Alegria, Eliana no Parque and Eliana at Fábrica Maluca.

In 2005, she debuted as a presenter for the adult audience, commanding Tudo é Possível, the program was a success and was shown on Sunday afternoons at Record TV, in 2009 leaves the station and returns to SBT.