Ex-BBB Marcela Queiroz is arrested after drunk driving in Curitiba

posted on 08/30/2021 1:55 PM

  (credit: TV Globo/Reprodução and Instagram/Reprodução)

(credit: TV Globo/Reprodução and Instagram/Reprodução)

Marcela Queiroz, former participant of the Big Brother Brazil (BBB4), was arrested this weekend after driving drunk in Curitiba. According to information from Wow, this weekend she was stopped at a Military Police blitz and refused to take the breathalyzer.

It was not necessary to take the test, as police alleged that she was showing clear signs of drunkenness. Marcela was then sent to the Traffic Crime Police Station, where she was arrested.

After posting bail, she was released. Also according to the website, Marcela allegedly claimed to the police that she was a former member of the BBB. A bottle of wine is a glass were found in the car.

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