Fake Nanny Employer Asks Candidates for Photos of Breasts and Arrested in Fortaleza After Rape | Ceará

One man was arrested by the Civil Police of Ceará, on Friday (27), suspected of committing a series of rapes in Fortaleza. According to the investigations of the Police Station for the Defense of Women (DDM) in the capital, he created false profiles of women on a social network, offered babysitting positions and enticed victims to sexually rape them. The suspect asked for photos of the candidates’ breasts.

“He claimed that he had a 9-year-old son and that this child, due to emotional dependence, often needed to breastfeed during the day, in the case of the mother, who would be the person who would be hiring; but the mother would be working,” said delegate Ana Nery. “In this situation, he would ask some nannies, yes, if there was a possibility, if she would exactly allow the child to not only touch the nanny’s breasts, but eventually make the breast, as he says, even if no milk came out. Because, according to he, the son had this dependency,” added the delegate.

The Civil Police arrested 34-year-old Paulo Henrique Santos Monteiro, in the Carlito Pamplona neighborhood, in the capital, after serving a search and seizure warrant issued by the Court. According to the investigations, dozens of videos of him proving the sexual crimes were found on cell phones, as well as audiovisual content to entice minors.

As the head of DDM Fortaleza, delegate Ana Nery, 10 victims have already been identified from the contents extracted from the cell phone, but the number should grow even more, since he identified the victims through numbers. The women were aged between 16 and 27 years old and, according to her, they were in financial vulnerability.

According to findings, victims of the crime contacted the false employer believing they were talking to a woman. This woman whose profiles were fake and created by Paulo Henrique claimed to have a child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The information passed on to them was that the couple’s 9-year-old son was “emotionally dependent” and needed to be breastfed during the day.

He asked the possibility of women doing this service in excess and said he would pay about R$1,800. The criminal asked the women for images of the breasts; some even sent it to secure the job as a nanny. After gaining the victims’ trust, he would arrange the meeting and rape them.

“He made an appointment with the girls, on the day of the meeting, he who always pretended to be a woman to facilitate the hiring said that he would not be able to be present and that her husband would pick up the people who would be hired. her husband was exactly Paulo Henrique himself,” said delegate Ana Nery.

According to the delegate, the victims were taken to a vacant lot, near a military college, in the neighborhood of Jacarecanga, where they were raped. He intimidated them with a penknife, an object that was seized by investigators.

“It’s something very serious [cometido contra] people who were looking for jobs and ended up being deceived because of the financial vulnerability they were living and ended up falling into this conversation,” said Ana Nery.

According to the Civil Police, Paulo Henrique confessed to the crime in testimony and said he committed it about six months ago. In the operation, a camera and four cell phones, which contained pornographic content of the suspect with the victims, were seized. He was arrested in the act and fined for the crime of unauthorized registration of sexual intimacy.

With Paulo Henrique, pornographic materials were also found with children and adolescents, according to the Civil Police. He was fined for the crime of acquiring, possessing or storing, by any means, a photograph, video or other form of record that contains an explicit sex or pornographic scene involving a child or adolescent.

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