Fan interrupts German program to ask about GTA 6

There is no doubt that fans of Grand Theft Auto are curious to know more about Grand Theft Auto 6, but a recent case in Germany took that curiosity to extreme levels – to the point where one person stopped the Schlag den Star program to ask about the sixth episode of the franchise.

In the presentation (which you can see below with English subtitles), a fan who identified himself only as Taser, simply bursts onto the stage to interrupt presenter Elton and ask “where is Grand Theft Auto 6”.

“where the hell is Grand Theft Auto 6? The best thing I can do is turn to the camera and yell: where is GTA 6”, asks Taser, and receives a comment from the presenter in response: “no, I don’t need that. I haven’t even finished the fifth one yet.”

A short time later he is escorted offstage by security guards, but reports on the network indicate that perhaps his attitude, despite being desperate, was not extremely crazy: in addition to Schlag den Star being a highly rated show in the country, Elton is famous for having participated in the German dubbing of several famous titles, among them Halo 3 – so maybe by a fluke he could have some callsign about GTA 6.