Faustão’s wife thanks Tiago Leifert for remembering the presenter: ‘Generoso’ | celebrities

Faustão's wife thanks Tiago Leifert for remembering the presenter

Faustão’s wife thanks Tiago Leifert for remembering the presenter

Luciana Cardoso, Faustão’s wife, used her official profile on Instagram, this Monday (30), to thank her friend Tiago Leifert for remembering the former presenter of “Domingão” at the farewell of “Super Dança”.

On Sunday (29), Tiago Leifert gave an emotional speech and spoke of the responsibility and honor of replacing Fausto Silva, one of the icons of TV. This Monday afternoon, Luciana thanked the presenter for his affection and generosity.

“My thanks to Tiago for his words and for being such a human and true guy. Brazil loves you because you are that friend that everyone wants to have. Knowing how to be victorious while being generous is for few. And you are like that. That’s why it is so deserving of all his achievements,” began Faustão’s wife.

Luciana Cardoso made a point of highlighting the friendship between Faustão and Leifert and sent Boninho, director of the attraction, a kiss. “May you shine a lot on your walk and know that you have real friends like you around here, forever. Our affection and kiss for you, for Boninho and all the team that put on a show”, he added.

Next Sunday (5), Luciano Huck takes charge of “Domingão” on Globo. Faustão will lead a program on Band TV. After 30 years with Globo, Fausto Silva did not renew his contract with Globo. The presenter would lead the ‘Domingão’ until the end of 2021, but had an early departure by the station after going through hospitalization due to a urinary infection. Fausto Silva’s new program on the Morumbi station should be aired from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

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