FGTS birthday withdrawal is released to new group; see who receives up to R$2.9 thousand

the period of FGTS birthday withdrawal for those born in September will start this Wednesday (01/09). This deadline will continue until November 30th. In this way, those who have already adhered will be able to withdraw a part of the amount referring to the Employment Compensation Fund – FGTS.

For those who are born in September and have not yet joined the withdrawal modality, There’s still time to receive in the respective month. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the steps indicated and reach the value.

However, it is always worth emphasizing that, with this modality, the employee is prevented from withdrawing the entire balance of the FGTS account, specifically in case of unfair dismissal.

How does the FGTS birthday withdrawal work

If you still do not know how this type of withdrawal works, it is configured by the possibility of withdrawing part of the amount that the worker has deposited in their active FGTS accounts. According to data released by the Ministry of Economy, about BRL 16.5 billion have already been withdrawn.

The withdrawal-anniversary of the FGTS began effective in 2020 and makes it possible to withdraw the amount on a regressive calculation basis. For example: if someone has a balance of up to R$500.00, they can withdraw 50% of this amount – R$250.00. For balances between R$500.01 and R$1,000.00, it is possible to withdraw 40%.

How to join the loot-birthday

Membership is done through the FGTS application or the fund’s website. Through the app, just download “My FGTS”, log in and look for the option “Withdrawal-anniversary”. In the process, it is possible to simulate the amount to be withdrawn by the worker, based on their existing balance.

If the employee regrets, he can request cancellation, however, there is a period of 24 months until it is cancelled. It is noteworthy that the migration to the birthday loot is completely optional and will depend on the real need of the worker.