Finally, Nubank gains compatibility with Apple Pay – MacMagazine

The word “finally” nowadays is used in a very common way, which ended up taking some of her weight off. I personally avoid using it for that very reason. But this subject deserves it, and in bold + capital letters: the Nubank FINALLY is now compatible with the Apple Pay! 😀

The company announced on July 6 that its two cards (the purple and the Ultraviolet) would gain compatibility with Apple Pay, without giving the exact date. A few days ago they made a teaser stating that they would announce something on August 26 — playing with the fact that dogs eat the cards and that the day had come to save the purple ones from the canine teeth of others.

A lot of people thought it was “the cue” for the arrival of Apple Pay (after all, scanning your card into the iPhone would do that), but no.

Because today, as a surprise (if we can call it that, since it is something long awaited by card customers), the dreamed compatibility with Apple Pay has arrived!

When opening the app, you have the option of already adding the card to the Wallet (Wallet) from iOS via a new “Apple Pay” button. Optionally, you can enter the card data and form manually into the Apple digital wallet.

If the function is still not available to you, wait a few minutes and try again. It is in the release process for all users at the moment.

In the case of Nubank, it is available to everyone who has a Nubank credit or debit card – be it traditional, Ultraviolet or with a PJ account.

It remains to be seen, now, when other cards which have already signaled that they will join Apple Pay will also gain this compatibility, such as the Original, the Bradesco American Express and Mastercard brands, among others.

Regardless, one less thing — and that’s a long-awaited one — on the list of user complaints! 🟣🙏🏼😂

Nubank app icon - Account and Card

Apple Wallet app icon