Flay says that the Northeast conquers Brazil ‘for the first time’ and is criticized

Flay, singer and former “BBB 20” participant, countered the criticism and comments she received after celebrating the current success of northeastern artists in the music industry.

The 26-year-old woman from Paraíba said that, for the first time, “Northeast culture is conquering the country” in a Twitter post:

Our music finally enchanted Brazil, before we only listened there, today the talent in the Northeast is being extolled and I vibrate with each achievement, with the reduction little by little of the prejudice that always existed, with us, with our accent, with the our culture, with our customs, with our way of being so criticized, are exploding new northeastern personalities every day. Flay

“We are being more than respected, we are being admired, we are coming together more, and I will be there, giving all my support, necessary impulse that is within my reach to all northeasterners who are getting in their faces and shining, I am one of the who still need this support, this union, I didn’t have as much when I needed it the most, but I’m here for those who need it,” added Flay.

Netizens commented on the ex-BBB publication bringing the names of northeastern artists who gained notoriety and are known nationally, such as Luiz Gonzaga, Alceu Valença and Ivete Sangalo.

Flay then countered the criticisms received, recalling the attacks she received during her appearance in “BBB 20” and citing comparisons made between her and Juliette, claiming they were attempts to “discredit” the “BBB 21” champion.

They ended up with me at ‘BBB 20’, they threw me so much hate that if I wasn’t too strong I would have fallen into depression like some colleagues did, then when someone who didn’t do well in there makes shit*. Out here, they come to praise me just to put hate on the other person. Juliette decided to be a singer, twitterer decided to praise me just to discredit, discredit and diminish Juliette’s talent, the same thing she does to me daily, I decide to celebrate the VIRAL moment that the Northeast is passing by, twitter decides to praise our representatives with the sole intention of discrediting us. Flay

“We are grateful to those who came before us and made history and that doesn’t mean that we have to lower our heads and cannot vibrate for our moment, this is my place of speech as a northeastern artist, RESPECT!” the artist.