Fluminense beats Bahia and ends fast of victories in Brasileirão – 08/30/2021

Fluminense managed to recover in the Brazilian Championship. Tricolor defeated Bahia 2-0, today (30), at Maracanã, and won again after 50 days in the competition. Lucca, on free kick, and Bobadilla scored the decisive goals.

Fluminense hasn’t won for five matches in Brasileirão. The tricolor team came from a tie with Atlético-MG, but before that they lost to Grêmio, Palmeiras, América-MG and Internacional. The last triumph had been on July 10, 2-1 against Sport. Interestingly, the two goals scored on the occasion were also from Lucca. Considering all the tournaments in dispute, the tricolor fast was six games.

With the result, Fluminense breathed in the leaderboard. The team led by Marcão reached 21 points and occupies the 13th place, with 17 games. Bahia, which has only gained one point in the last eight matches, remains in a complicated situation, occupying 16th place, with 18 points from 18 matches.

Fluminense’s next game happens this Thursday (2), against Juventude, again at Maracanã, in a delayed match of the 14th round. Bahia only returns to play on Saturday (4), at the Pituaçu stadium, in Salvador (BA), against Fortaleza.

Monotony takes over the game

The tricolor duel began empty of dangerous moves. With a strong dispute in midfield, the creativity of both teams did not show up. And the proof of that was the first shot on goal given just in the 19th minute, with Martinelli, who, from outside the area, sent over the goal.

Gilberto is the first to scare

One of Brasileirão’s top scorers, Gilberto was the first to star in a move of emotion at Maracanã. In a good play by Lucas Mugni from the left, he made a low cross into the middle of the area. Gilberto got ahead of Luccas Claro, deflected it and saw the ball go through the right, in the 22nd minute.

Fred gives the change to the cariocas

It seemed that Fluminense waited for Bahia to launch to also have their first goal chance. And it started at the feet of Colombian Jhon Arias, who debuted as a starter with the Fluminense shirt. He triggered Fred and made a good table with the tricolor idol. From the penalty spot, the center forward spun and kicked over the Bahia goalkeeper in the 25th minute.

Lucca scores again for Flu

It’s not that Fluminense was very aggressive on the field. But he managed to open the scoring after 35 minutes, with a free kick by Lucca, hitting Matheus Teixeira’s right angle. This was his third goal in the Brasileirão. The other two had left precisely in the last victory of the Tricolor in the competition, against Sport, in Ilha do Retiro.

VAR cancels second goal

The game’s panorama did not change in the second half. A weak and uninspired game followed at Maracanã. Even so, Fluminense almost extended the advantage in the 7th minute, when Fred deflected Samuel Xavier’s cross into the goal. However, the bid was invalidated for impediment after consulting the VAR.

unimaginative game

Fluminense’s disallowed goal was the only well-armed play in the first 30 minutes. Bahia tried to play for the sides, but ran into the strong marking. And with that, his best move came out in a shot by Rodriguinho from the middle. But Marcos Felipe fell well to make the easy save in the left corner.

The beam saves and Bobadilla resolves

More physically worn out, Fluminense was pressured by Bahia in the final 15 minutes. And one of the dangerous moves generated a corner for Bahia. In charge, Rossi found Luiz Otávio, who headed the crossbar, after Marcos Felipe’s disastrous exit from the goal. Three minutes later, Bahia had another good chance to tie. After a cross from the left, Egidio kicked at point-blank range, but Marcos Felipe made a great save, with the ball hitting the crossbar before going to corner.

In extra time, to ensure the victory once and for all, Fluminense expanded by another set-piece. Cazares took a free-kick to demand a great defense from Matheus Teixeira. On the rebound, Bobadilla, who had entered Fred’s place, bumped into the defenders, got the better of it and set the score 2-0.


Fluminense 2 x 0 Bahia
Reason: 18th round of the Brazilian Championship
Date: August 30, 2021 (Monday)
Time: 19:00 (Brasilia)
Location: Maracanã, in Rio de Janeiro
Judge: Edina Alves Batista (SP)
Assistants: Neuza Ines Back (SP) and Leila Moreira da Cruz (DF)
VAR: Oberto da Silva Santos (PB)
Yellow cards: Rossi (Bahia); Nino, André (Fluminense); Rossi, Patrick de Lucca, Gilberto (Bahia)
Goals: Lucca, 35 minutes into the first half, and Bobadilla, 52 minutes into the second half

Fluminense: Marcos Felipe; Samuel Xavier, Nino, Luccas Claro, Danilo Barcelos; André, Martinelli (Nonato), Yago Felipe, Arias (Manoel); Fred (Bobadilla), Lucca (Cazares). Technician: Mark

Bahia: Matheus Teixeira; Nino Paraíba, Conti, Luiz Otávio, Juninho Capixaba; Patrick de Lucca (Ruiz), Daniel, Lucas Mugni, Rodriguinho (Rodallega); Rossi, Gilberto. Coach: Diego Dabove