Ford confirms Maverick pickup in 2022 in Brazil to pick up Fiat Toro

THE Ford is under reconstruction in Brazil after ending vehicle production in the country in January this year. The brand stopped betting on products with high sales volumes and started to focus on SUVs and pickup trucks, as part of the global strategy started about ten years ago. Thus, the most successful model of the company in the country became the Ranger pickup, which is produced in Argentina. However, for 2022, the manufacturer announces an important reinforcement: the Maverick pickup.

Made in Mexico on the platform of the SUV Bronco Sport, Ford Maverick recently went into production at the Hermosillo plant, and is already starting to arrive at the brand’s stores in the United States. The unprecedented pickup truck with a unibody chassis is smaller than the Ranger and has a size very close to the Fiat Toro, which will be its main rival in the Brazilian market.

Including, a snapshot made recently and published on the page Maverick Truck Club, lets you see how Maverick is different from her big sisters. The Mexican pickup appears among the ranger and the F-150, model of the F Series, the brand’s best-selling model for decades in the USA. So, for comparison, the Ranger is 1.82 meters tall and 3.22 m wheelbase. In turn, Maverick is 1.74 m and 3.07 m, respectively.

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Name of an icon

For Americans, Maverick, an English term that means “independent” and “innovative”, has to do with the pickup, which is an unprecedented product. In Brazil, Maverick will also be unprecedented and innovative, but with the same name as the national model made by Ford in the country between 1973 and 1979 – and which has become an icon of the brand.

In any case, Maverick has the potential to be successful in Brazil. In the US alone, the pickup has more than 100,000 reservations, 36,000 of which were made in the first week of pre-sales. Because of this, even the launch of the model here has no closed date. In other words, it depends on the brand’s ability to honor the promised deliveries.

It is worth noting that, in the North American market, the Ford Maverick debuted at inviting prices by local standards. Thus, part of US$ 20 thousand, equivalent to about R$ 104 thousand in direct conversion, without fees. In the US, its main competitor is Hyundai Santa Cruz, another unprecedented pickup. Derived from Tucson, it is also listed to be sold in Brazil.


Maverick vs Toro

Both Maverick and Toro are the same 1.84 meters wide and 1.74 meters tall. However, when comparing the length and the distance between the axes, the measurements of the Ford pickup are a little bigger. It is, therefore, 5.07 m long and 3.07 m wheelbase, compared to 4.94 m and 2.99 m for the Fiat model, respectively.

However, although it is smaller than Ranger, Maverick was born to be electrified. The pickup has hybrid system. The 2.5 Duratec four-cylinder gasoline engine with Atkinson cycle generates 164 hp and 21.4 kgfm of torque and works connected to another electric that produces the equivalent of 128hp and 23.9 kgfm. According to Ford, together, they deliver 193 hp of power. The autonomy is up to 800 km and the average consumption in the city is 17 km/l.