Gaby Spanic, from ‘A Usurpadora’, enters ‘Big Brother’ Mexico to ‘really show herself’ and shacks draw attention

Known in Brazil for starring in the soap opera “A Usurpadora”, Gabriela Spanic, 47, is in a new phase of her career. The artist accepted the challenge of being confined to “La casa de los famous”, the celebrity version of “Big Brother” Mexico, which premiered last Tuesday, the 24th. The Venezuelan explained that the idea was to show a more facet. to the public and was motivated by her 13-year-old son to live the dispute.

Gaby, 47, wanted to be on the reality show to show herself for real
Gaby, 47, wanted to be on the reality show to show herself for real Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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“I asked my son and he told me something very important: ‘Go, Mommy, so that people can see you as you really are, because they’ve already said so many things about you.’ And I said he was absolutely right. This is a reality show that humanizes the famous, because they will see us without filters, our way of being, of behaving. They will see a Gabriela who is the antithesis of what they said about her, without false eyelashes or waking up with a sequined dress,” he amused. se Gaby in an interview with the newspaper “La opinión”, days before the show opens.

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It turns out that the eternal interpreter of Paola Bracho is already becoming marked by her dramatic temperament and was the protagonist in one of the first disagreements in the edition. The actress didn’t like being called “A Spanic” by former Miss Alicia Machado, as if the blonde suggested that Gaby thought she was “the big one” inside the confinement.

She argued with former Miss Alicia Machado
She discussed with former Miss Alícia Machado Photo: Reproduction

“It seemed a bit disrespectful to me. You said you’re my sister, but I don’t keep talking about you like that,” Gabriela countered, in one of the moments of discussion.

Alicia apologized, but Gabriela insisted on the discussion for long minutes, which reverberated on social media. Besides, fans of the attraction seem not to be very satisfied with the great soap opera star’s routine of coexistence.

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“Gabriela will leave with a worse image than she came in. You can see that Alicia has respect for her, or a little scared,” wrote a fan of the show. “Spanic is burying his career,” said another follower. “Poor Alicia, who apologized ten times and the woman continued.” “Gabi is just doing drama.”

Gaby Spanic became known in Brazil for the soap opera
Gaby Spanic became known in Brazil for the soap opera “A usurpadora” Photo: Reproduction