Gil do Vigor tells details of the PhD and reveals that he will have to teach in English: ‘Everything with emotion’ | The Masked Singer Brazil

Gil do Vigor in San Francisco — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

But, before departing to fulfill this dream, the economist was one of the guest judges at The Masked Singer Brasil and did not go unnoticed by the backstage of the program, which will air this Tuesday, the 31st. Watch the exclusive video that brings together PhD, Britney, dog & a new reality show! 👀⤵

Gil do Vigor causes in an exclusive interview on 'The Masked Singer'

Gil do Vigor causes in an exclusive interview on ‘The Masked Singer’

“My scholarship is going to be for teaching, but I found out about it two weeks ago. Having a class in English is one thing, now there’s no way to teach in English”, says Gil

“My wonderful saga doesn’t end there. I’ll have to take an English test to be able to start the PhD. I’ll take the PhD, but for the scholarship I need to take a test. Everything is in order, everything with emotion”, if amuses

Gil do Vigor poses on the show’s stage and jokes about a look: ‘I spent what I didn’t have’ — Photo: Globo/Kelly Fuzaro

With a beautiful look, Gil did not miss the opportunity to joke about the look and also remembered the moments when he sang.

“I’m here playing to try to stay calm. I’m really anxious. I love music, I’ve sung in a classical choir. At the time I knew how to sing, nowadays it’s just ashamed that I go through”

Gil do Vigor and Taís Araujo have fun at ‘The Masked Singer Brasil’ — Photo: Globo

And what would Gil’s version of The Masked Singer be like?

Performance music: I‘m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman – Britney Spears 🎶 (of course, right?🤩)

Fantasy: A very powerful panther! 🐆

“I always dreamed of being the panther. I’m kind of full, I would have my stomach, but that’s no problem. This is hot, seduction. It has to be that tight outfit… It would be the moment. I just wouldn’t go pass, right? Because of the voice”, he jokes

Gil do Vigor says he dreams of being a panther — Photo: Globo

What to expect from this Tuesday’s program?

There will be two fights and a special show. Jacaré, voted best of the night in the second program, makes a special presentation, but does not face the audience’s vote. Boi-Bumbá, Gata Espelhada, Monstro and Onça Pintada face off and one of them will be unmasked on stage!

Boi-Bumbá, Gata Espelhada, Alligator, Monstro and Onça Pintada in the fourth program — Photo: Globo/Kelly Fuzaro

➡ In addition to Gil of Vigor, Eduardo Sterbitch, Rodrigo Lombardi, Simone and Taís Araujo make up the team of judges and guarantee a good laugh, as well as a lot of investigation! 🔎

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