Gilberto Gil’s daughter-in-law accuses husband of treason with Roberta Sá

Another relationship comes to an end in August. It was the turn of Mãeana, singer and daughter-in-law of Gilberto Gil, to announce in a long text on Instagram the separation of musician Bem Gil. The reason? Betrayal. The outburst was published this Monday. In the post, she hinted that her husband’s betrayal would involve singer Roberta Sá.

In the publication, Ben Gil appears with a mug of beer in his hand. Mãeana began the text with irony: “A toast to couples who manage to separate in peace”. In sequence, she said she had suffered cowardice: “It is angered to see how easy a male has to commit the greatest cruelty, there is the indignation of not seeing anyone putting himself in place, of seeing so much rag amidst the rottenness”.


In the outburst, the singer mentions that the discovery was a stab in the back and claims that family members knew of the betrayal. In the text, she highlights the disappointment with her father-in-law, Gilberto Gil:

“There is also, I must say, a very great disappointment with the great patriarch, a poet so profound that he seems to give in to the feelings of those close to him, give in to an armored peace, give in, for example (!) to the superficial charms of a Roberta bag [menção a Roberta de Sá] of the soulless singing that is only nice when drinking expensive wine”, she wrote.

The column recalls that singer Roberta de Sá released an album entitled Giro with unpublished songs by Gilberto Gil and produced by Bem Gil in 2019.

The marriage between Mãeana and the musician lasted 11 years and they had two children, Dom and Sereno. The column sought out the artist for an official statement, but still has not received an answer. The Instagram post has been deleted.