Grazi Massafera reveals why he won’t be in ‘Secret Truths 2’

Grazi Massafera clarifies why he is not in 'Secret Truths 2'
Grazi Massafera explains why he is not in ‘Secret Truths 2’ (Photos: Reproduction/Instagram/TV Globo)

Grazi Massafera, a 39-year-old actress, recently returned to the air with Larissa, her signature character in ‘Secret Truths’. The work is one of the most recognized in the career of the famous, however, she won’t be back in the soap opera’s second season.

“She was a catharsis of a moment of artistic indecision. It was a period when I decided if I was going to follow or not (in acting). I built it with as much humanity as possible. I went to cracolândia, talked to several people and did several studies on the body to understand how each drug she could use works.”, explained Grazi, in an interview with journalist Eduardo Vanini, from O Globo newspaper.

Despite delving into the universe of drugs to bring the character to life, Grazi Massafera guarantees that he did not use any kind of substance.

“Not. And that was even more challenging. I drink at most a glass of wine. I don’t like anything that gets me out of control. I’ve had cases of alcoholism in the family.”, reported the artist.

Reason why Larissa is not in ‘Secret Truths 2’

Asked about why Larissa isn’t back in ‘Secret Truths 2’, which already has the recordings in progress, Grazi Massafera explained that your character has already had an ending in history and understands that it was the author’s right decision, Walcyr Executioner.

“It had a beginning, a middle and an end. I know Walcyr’s (Carrasco) genius goes way beyond that, and season two could be amazing. But it’s a question of maturity as an actress. To have self-esteem and say: “Now, I want to be just a spectator.””, highlighted the famous.

End of courtship with Caio Castro

In addition to the ‘Secret Truths’ rerun, another subject that had a lot of repercussion in recent days was the end of the relationship between Grazi and Caio Castro. The two had been together for nearly two years and chose to go their separate ways.

“My relationship with Caio came to an end. Because we understood that it was time to go apart”, she confirmed in an interview with Revista ELA. “What I can say now is that we are done with our story.”, he explained.

Please note that, rumors of the termination were already circulating on social networks for a few days. In pictures, even Caio Castro already appeared without the ring he used to wear during his courtship with the actress. The latest publications they appear together were shared in mid-July. In season, the famous accompanied the boy in a race for the Porsche Cup, where he has been a driver since 2020.

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